About Us

The majority of the planning and work completed at the garden is done by volunteers. We also provide educational opportunities for the community and each other often in conjunction with the Master gardener program. 

The garden is financially self-supporting.  We raise funds to improve the garden by holding an annual plant sale, collecting membership fees, and through the sales of memorial trees and bricks.  

The garden continues to evolve as funds and volunteers are available. 

                                                        Bylaws of 

                   Hart County Botanical Garden, Inc.


A History of the Garden

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President, Luanne Burgess
Vice President, Robert Meaders
Secretary, Joanne Ridgway
Treasurer, Janet Uteg

Co-Directors of the Garden
Gretchen Torrance
Margo Seagraves

Board of Directors

Vivian Davis
Woody Eakin
Mark Seabolt