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Native Plant (Bartram Marker), curator Vicki Peace

This garden is located next to the amphitheater and fern garden. There is also an area in front filled with running pine. There are many native plants naturally occurring in this garden. You can observe partridgeberry, native azaleas, solomon’s seal, wild ginger, dwarf paw paw etc. The vine climbing in the trees is Climbing Hydrangea with a beautiful bloom in summer.  
The amphitheater was originally built by the Hartwell Kiwanis with views into a wooded area.  It was improved in 2014 with railings for the stage, better steps, and an entrance arbor.  This area is sometimes used for wedding ceremonies followed by a reception at the Pavilion,  We have also had church musical outings performed in this area.  As with all of the garden, reserving this area is free to the public.  See the rental section of this website for information about reserving the amphitheater.