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Childrens’ Garden: Curators, Dee Wiser, Ellen Forbus and Diane Whelan

Faye Ward was originally the Children's garden chairperson.  After she passed away, Dee Wiser was asked to take over.  Dee has kept Faye’s love of children in mind as she designs and works on this garden.  The goal of this garden is that it will be an interesting, yet educational place for children and parents to come and enjoy.  Here they can learn about nature by observing insects, the soil, ground covers, and plants that don't look like animals but have animal names.

One special feature of this garden is the berm snake.  “The berm snake is a cool way to show different ground covers, maybe give ideas on how to make a berm bed in order to make an area stand out, and also be fun for the children to think it looks like a snake,” said curator Dee Wiser.  The Hart Elementary Kindergarten class will name the snake bed.   
Future plans for this garden include building a soil layer display, an insect house,  and balance beams.  More colorful and interesting plants will be planted.  There is a plan to make a bermed turtle covered with mondo grass for the children to climb on. In the future look for telescopes attached  to the fort for the children to look through, as well as a playground weather station.

Hopefully, classrooms will be able to come to the children’s’ garden and have different learning stations set up for them.    These stations might include lessons on  birds, snakes, worms, soil, insects, bats, etc.  Information and posters of each of these subjects will be developed into stations and stored in tubs.  This will enable volunteers to have all the information they might need to teach the children.

This area provides a unique way to get children interested in the wonders of nature and a garden.  
We hope you will visit soon.