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Fern Garden: Curator - Dixie Northrup

The FERN GARDEN is located at the back of the Hart County Botanical Garden near the amphitheater and across the bridge from the children’s garden. You’ll find a perfectly serene angel statue watching over the fern glade. The angel was owned by Doris Jones who had it in her garden in memory of her deceased infant daughter. When Doris moved away from Hartwell, she offered the angel to Beth Carter, who subsequently donated it to the Botanical Garden.

There were many native ferns and plants already growing in this spot when work began on it. There were netted chain ferns, royal ferns, cinnamon ferns, ebony spleenwort ferns, native azaleas, ginger and others specimens. Gradually more donated and purchased ferns and companion plants have been added. You’ll find examples of autumn ferns, Christmas ferns, lady ferns, maidenhair ferns, southern river ferns, ostrich ferns, epimedium fern, bloodroot, trillium and many more plants that thrive in a shady damp area. “It's been a great learning experience working with this garden and we hope it will continue to be a work in progress,“ said curator Mimi Payne.  

Come and take a look at what a beautiful garden you can create with texture and various shades of green.