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Commemorative Garden: Curators


The Commemorative Garden at the Hart County Botanical Garden is located to the right after entering the main gate. It begins at the brick memorial walkway and follows on both sides of the paved path all the way down to the pavilion. Memorial trees and shrubs can also be found to the left and below the sun perennial garden. This area is just now beginning to be developed. However, there are memorial/honor trees scattered throughout the upper part of the HCBG.

The Commemorative Garden also consists of a brick pathway to the right after entering the main gate. Bricks may be purchased to honor or memorialize someone, and will be used to extend the pathway along the top ridge overlooking the pavilion and bog garden.  Click here for more information about purchasing a commemorative brick or tree.

The volunteers who are working on this phase of the garden are also planting perennials and shrubs intermingled with the memorial trees.  Many of these plants are representative of plants sold at our annual plant sale, and are planted so that our visitors will have some idea of how these plants might be incorporated into a garden setting.