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Sun Perennial Garden: Curators, Robert Meaders and Barbara Camp

                                                    SUN PERENNIAL GARDEN

The Sun Perennial Garden is a garden located in the sunniest area of HCBG. The garden does not focus solely on perennials, but is really a “mixed border” garden including trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers and annuals. The focus is to showcase sun perennials within a backdrop of structural plants. The garden has four seasons of interest and is not solely a spring/summer garden. Also, many of the plants selected not only have beautiful blooms, but are fragrant and attract birds, bees and butterflies. Hummingbirds frequent the garden and love the many cultivars of perennial salvias and other nectar rich plants.

These plants are all worthy of consideration by the average homeowner for their own gardens. Most are “water wise,” low susceptibility to insect pests, and maintenance free except for some occasional deadheading. Most of the selections will not grow so huge as to crowd a typical suburban plot.

The Hart County Botanical Garden (HCBG), located in Hartwell, Georgia, was begun in 2000. HCBG allows for “hands on” learning by all MG members and other visitors. Beginning in October 2009, the MG class of 2009 began a new project: the installation of a new “Sun Perennial Garden.” Although this is called the Sun Perennial Garden, plants of all types were added for a complete garden design. A major focus of the Sun Perennial Garden was the incorporation of plants chosen by the Georgia Gold Medal Plant Selections Committee and listed on their website:
www.georgiagoldmedalplants.org Already we have approximately fifty GGM plant selections in the HCBG. Each year, we will add the newest GGM selections into the HCBG and appropriately label.